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 With nine gyms in California, our killer setting crew is the heart of our business. With out their inspired test peices, you'd have nothing to crush, project, and send. Touchstone is proud to boast the largest full-time routesetting team in the country. With over 12 full time routesetters, Touchstone provides the highest quality routesetting anywhere. With a rotation of 12 weeks or less at all the Touchstone gyms, you will always find a new project to work on no matter which gym you climb in. 

Big ups to Five Ten for sponsoring the team. We'd be nothing with out their amazing shoe rubber, sick designs and amazing apparel. Truth. 

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And so, without further adieu... The one, the only, Touchstone Routesetting Team. 

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Jeremy Ho - Head Route Setter 
Jeremy has been around Touchstone since 2008 and has done it all from belaying little kids on their birthdays to fetching Gatorades for members to setting finals routes for our biggest events. Born in Hawaii but raised in the Bay Area since age 4, he calls this place home and has no intentions of leaving… ever. He may look like a pirate at times but we swear he’s a nice guy, go talk to him! Oh, and if you see him with a small child don’t be alarmed, it is in fact his and he is allowed to hold it.

 frankie2 Frankie - FO
Climbs in 5.10 Teams

Frankie is the Howard Roark of Touchstone Course Setting. You’ll probably hate a FO route until you figure out how to do it and then you’ll swear you always thought it was the most brilliant thing ever.  Frankie doesn’t eat much, but when he does he likes pizza and Chinese food.  He smokes Danish Export and drinks one Mountain Dew every day. He also climbs humid V10 slab off the couch.

Ben - Flea
Climbs in 5.10 Arrowheads  

 LATFH!  Don’t let the pink pants fool you, this kid means serious business when it comes to climbing!  Having grown up in the Bay Area, Flea is a fixture in the local climbing, bike polo, and music scenes.  Want to know anything and everything about early 80’s cartoons?  Need your project done?  Need CPR?  Just ask Ben, he’ll be happy to oblige.



Bennett found climbing only a few years ago and became obsessed. Realizing that there were jobs to be had in the climbing community, he found his way to route setting for Touchstone. Now a seasoned setter of 3 years, when not at work, outdoors or being an all around nerd, you'll find Bennett working his way through an education in Software Development.

Anthony - AV
Climbs in 5.10 Teams

We don’t know much about Anthony.  All we really know is that one night on top of a mountain, an old blond man reeking of Rockstar Energy Drink approached him and told him the secrets of Touchstone Course Setting.  He then hung a shark tooth amulet around Anthony’s neck and disappeared into the foggy night.  Tony claims this gives him power; we try not to mess with that.


Climbs in 5.10 Teams 

Legend has it Cole s turned down a shot at playing in the NFL to pursue climbing. He says he's climbed for 3 years, resting only to get my eagle scout award and go through the process of being a certified Zumba Instructor (Fact checking needed). Cole now has one cat, lives in Fresno, and is still learning how to smile like a normal parson.


Eric - McLvn
Climbs in 5.10 Teams 
Two co-dependent high school seniors are forced to deal with separation anxiety after their plan to stage a booze-soaked party goes awry. 



John _JaH
Climbs in 5.10 Coyote Lace Ups
This mild mannered academic made the switch from desk staffer to route setter this year, and hasn't looked back. John is going to school to be a genius, so when you see him carefully crafting his routes look closer... he's actually listening to books on tape. 

 Martijn - MK
Climbs in 5.10 Teams
Our Dutch import brought with him European charm, a sexy accent, and some major route setting chops.


Jeff - JPH
Climbs in 5.10 Dragons

Adonis? Eat your heart out. When JPH walks through the door Routes simply set themselves, Forerunning just happens and freshly tapped Maple syrup flows endlessly from the Water Fountains. Which probably explains that route you see off into the distance that has a Golden Shimmer - he set it.

 Hansen Jeff_routesetting  Josh 
Josh as been setting with Touchstone since 2006. Starting Med-School in the next year, he aspires to be an ER doctor. But until that begins, if you don't see him setting a route, you can guarantee he's "Shredding the Gnar" and "Boofing like a Mofo" on some class 5 whitewater.

Now back from a hiatus, AK is back in action and sharing his mythical route setting ability with Touchstone climbers. We couldn't be happier to have another vegan on staff. 



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