Serious Projecting

Imagine setting up for one of the hardest rock climbs of your life. That's what's going through this man's mind as he tackles a grit style route in the South East. He places a few careful nuts close to the ground so as not to deck and then he enters the crux.  Watch this captivating short and remember, don't take climbing too seriously.


Belay Glasses

Long belay sessions at the climbing gym can take their toll.  Sitting in your harness for long periods can become uncomfortable, straining your neck to watch your partner dog up a route can be painful, and often your patience can be taxed.


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The El Cap Report

Since October of 2007, Tom "Ansel" Evans has stood at the bridge of El Capitan and watched thousands of climbers scale Yosemite's largest granite monolith. Evans focuses his many large camera lens on the climbers tackling The Nose, Zodiac, and other classic routes on El Cap and than reports the teams progresses on his website The El Cap Report

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DRG Adventure Race Video

On September 1st, nearly 50 adventure racers headed to Diablo Rock Gym for a day filled with slacklining, swimming, climbing, and intense obstacles and adventure racing. Paul Hara made a great video of the day's adventures. Check it out!


TRS Finale and Onsight Finals

This weekend, the Touchstone Rope Series will be holding its final competition at Mission Cliffs.  

On Saturday, September 15th from noon until 6 p.m., climbers will be tackling the fifty foot lead walls at the gym on amazing new routes set by Touchstone's best route setters.

Mission Cliffs climbing comp

At every TRS comp, there has been great food, beer, an awesome raffle, and a ton of fun.  The TRS Finale will also have an onsight final, where the best climbers in the comp series will compete for cash prizes.  

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The Wide World of Offwidthing

Ever wonder about the wide world of offwidthing? In this video, wide climber super star Pamela Shanti Pack explains a bit about climbing the wide with pride. Check out her moves and get ready for some Yosemite wide climbing this fall!

Zero Gravity 2012

The Touchstone Zero Gravity Climbing Team wrapped up a phenomenal 2012 season, with a Silver Medal finish (for the second straight year) at the USA Climbing SCS Youth National Championships. Nationals were held in Atlanta GA July 5th-8th at Stone Summit.

Zero Gravity Team

In addition the team had 3 National Champions, Joshua Levin, Mirko Caballero and Natalia Grossman. Also making the US Team were Cicada Jenerik, Jacquelyn Wu, Katrina Louie, Nick Bradley and Dylan Meyerhoffer. Josh, Cicada, Jacquelyn and Katrina competed at the Youth World Championships in Singapore, August 29 to September 1. At the Youth World Championships, the vast majority of the US Team made semi finals but unfortunately only a few made finals. The Austrians, Japanese and other European countries were in excellent form.


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Diablo Rock Adventure Race

On Saturday, September 1st, over 50 people headed over to Diablo Rock Gym for a day filled with excitement.  The Labor Day weekend marked the first Adventure Race at the gym.  Coed and single sex teams ran through a series of obstacles.  From balancing across a slackline, to hiking, to climbing, to swimming, to a dozen other activities, the teams fought for up to thirty minutes before they completed the race.  


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Rappelling Tips

Rappelling, when you descend a rope by sliding down it using a specialized device, is the most dangerous part of climbing.  Descending is one of the only times when your safety is based solely on your equipment.


Most of the accidents that come with rappelling are because of climber error.  Some key factors to watch out for:

Knots at the end of the rope: Every year climbers fall to their death because they rappel off the end of their rope.  This can be caused when the ends of the rope aren't even.  Having a middle marker helps as does knowing the length of the rappel prior to heading down.  Knots at the end of the rope will prevent the rope from going through your rappel device.  Be careful!

Rig your rappel device correctly: This is another easy mistake to avoid.  Double check and than triple check that all your carabiners are locked, that your harness is double backed, that the rope is threaded correctly.  

Climbing accidents often occur when climbers are tired and when plans deviate from the norm.  Use the buddy system and have your partner check your knots, your harness, and that the rigging is correct before descending.  Make sure to be fully aware of what you are doing before you attempt any climbing endeavor.  Proper instruction from a trained professional is a must.


Lead Climbing

In the latest Rock Climbing for Beginners Videos, Adam Barczack explains the methods behind lead climbing. Barczack demonstrates how to mock lead, how to clip properly, and how to make sure the rope runs correctly over your body.

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