Yosemite Peregrine Falcon Closures

Yosemite National Park represents the highest peregrine falcon nesting area in the Sierra Nevada. The park has played a pivotal role in the birds recovery from an endangered species. There are numerous climbing closures to help protect the birds' nesting areas. When planning your next climbing trip to the national park, make sure to consider the peregrine nesting areas.

220px-Falco peregrinus_nest_USFWS

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TBS 8 at DRG

On March 15, nearly 300 climbers headed to Concord to climb at the Touchstone Bouldering Series 8 comp at Diablo Rock Gym.
"It was high energy," said manager Hans Florine. "Folks were stoked on the problems."


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Lisa Rands and Wills Young Dogpatch Clinic

Want to break through a plateau? Want to improve your footwork or general technique? World class boulderers, Lisa Rands and Wills Young will be heading to Dogpatch to provide specific instruction on how to improve your climbing.

For over 20 years Lisa Rands has climbed across the world from Alpine spires in Argentina’s Patagonia to first ascents in the boulders of South Africa’s Rocklands. In 2002, Lisa was the first American to win a World Cup Bouldering Competition, and was ranked world number one in competitive bouldering the same year. She went on to break ground for women with ultra-bold ascents of “E8” gritstone test-pieces in England and super-highballs in Bishop, California.

One of the best technical climbers in the world, Wills Young has made an enormous impact on the US climbing scene. Wills wrote the book on bouldering in Bishop- literally. Beyond climbing thousands of problems in the Bishop area for his guidebook, Wills has climbed across the globe, spending significant time in Rocklands South Africa, in the south east US, and of course in Bishop.

In the video below, Wills shows his impeccable technigue as he casually hikes professional climbers Chris Sharma and Tony Lamiche's project.

 The clinics will be held on Sunday April 28th from 6-7:30pm and Tuesday April 30th from 5-6:30pm. To ensure personal attention classes are limited to 14 climbers per class. The clinics are $40 for members and $50 for non-members.  This is an amazing opportunity to learn from a pair of highly accomplished climbers and instructors.  

For more information about the duo, check out Lisa Rands' web page and the Bishop Bouldering Blog

SCS Climbing Comp at The Studio

This weekend, Saturday, March 23, 2013, The studio is hosting a USAC Northern California division Sport Climbing Series comp. This comp provides a great opportunity for young climbers in the South Bay to begin climbing competitions.

USA Climbing is the national governing body for competition climbing in the United States and is responsible for sanctioning the American Bouldering Series (ABS), the Sport Climbing Series (SCS) and the Collegiate Climbing Series (CCS).

The Studioo

The Studio comp marks the second of the six regional comps. The Regional Championships will be held in May at City Beach in Fremont. Divisionals will take place in June at Vertical World in Seattle and Nationals happen in early July at Stone Summit in Atlanta.

Registration 9am-10am

Comp 10am-2pm

$30 for USAC members ($35 for non-members)

Youth-B and above will need to get a Touchstone Lead Certification. You can get this done at any Touchstone Gym prior to the comp. You can do it at The Studio before the comp, but there might be a line. f you plan to Lead, please bring your own rope.

MetalMark Harlem Shake

One of the best parts about climbing is the community of characters. Recently, the folks over at MetalMark performed a Harlem Shake, an internet meme where a masked member dances to the song Harlem Shake before being other costumed dancers.

Stop by MetalMark and join this fun and wild community of climbers. Now do the Harlem Shake!

The Making of Stone Age

Thousands of red, green, yellow, and blue holds cover the walls of the Touchstone gyms. But where do all the holds come from? The easy answer is from right next to Sacramento Pipeworks, in a white corrugated steel building next to Garlinger Steel. More specifically, Stone Age provides Touchstone with all of its holds. Wes Tite, a climber of 20 years, runs Stone Age and creates all the holds himself. Tite has worked as a climbing guide, a route setter, and a coal miner. For the past 20 years, he has traveled around the world climbing and looking for inspiration to create the best grips for the Touchstone climbing walls.

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Aging but Still Raging: 50 Year Old Climber Sends 10 Year Project

Last week, Tom Addison, a long time climber in the Bay and Sacramento climbing community, pulled the red tag off his long time project at Jailhouse Rock in Sonora. Addison bolted the route in the winter of 2002. "Trying to do the moves on it a decade ago, it was pretty clear that it was out of my league. It still is, but a strong gravitational anomaly on Friday let me clip the chains."


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Zero Gravity at ABS Youth Nationals

Last week, The Touchstone Zero Gravity team climbed at the USA Climbing ABS Youth National Championships.

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Zero Gravity brought home the Silver medal as a team, missing the Gold by only 34 points! In the individual categories, they had six podiums and USA National Team bids! On top of that, Zero Gravity had four National Champions! 

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King Middle School at Ironworks

Recently King Middle School visited Berkeley Ironworks and had a chance to give climbing a try! The middle school children sent back these thank you cards along with some glowing reviews. 


"Omgosh I had so much fun even though I didn't go all the way up. Thank you for letting us use your beautiful gym" -Mia

"Thank you so much for having us! It was like the funnest field trip. :) -Amanda

"Thank you Ironworks for giving me the opportunity to face my fears. Letting us rock climb was a chance to experience something new. It was a lot of fun and I hope I can come again!" -Emma

"Thank you for letting us climb! I really enjoyed it. I was the guy in the blue sweats." -Jovan

"I had so much fun! It helped me get over my fear of heights." -Mark

"Rock climbing rulez!" -Aamna Ahmed

Hueco with Cheyenne

In the middle of February, the Studio's Cheyenne Sulaski headed out to one of the world's best bouldering destinations, Hueco Tanks, for a brief trip.  She sent the Touchstone Blog a report about her trip. 

My go-to bouldering trip tends to be Bishop, and I hadn't made it far past there. I've road-tripped across the country multiple times, but never with the intent to climb. So when Brian Hedrick, (who can be found on Instagram under the name bcuzhedrick) invited me to go to Hueco Tanks with him for 10 days, I was pretty excited. Part of what I love about climbing is that it opens up a whole new reason to travel. Previous to climbing if someone would have invited me to Texas, I would have looked at them very un-enthusiastically and probably made some sarcastic remark about how much I don't like Texas. Now that I climb, I look at places like El Paso, and think: there's world class climbing 20 minutes away, well of course I'll go! So with our psych high and my car filled with crash pads we headed out mid day of February 14th, making it all the way to Joshua tree that night. The next day we spent 12 hours driving the most exciting road in the USA (I-10) just in time to get to Hueco for the 20th annual Rock Rodeo Competition.


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The Nose with Mark Melvin and Chris McNamara

Last week, on March 3rd, Touchstone owner Mark Melvin and long time Yosemite wall veteran Chris McNamara saw a chance to climb the Nose on El Capitan. With a forecast of 70 degree temps, the pair nabbed a "winter" ascent of one of the largest granite formations in America. Chris wrote about their ascent.

I'll share a secret just with you guys: you can find summer-like conditions on El Cap even in the middle of winter… as long as you are in the sun.

Nose 8

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Touchstone CrossFit Invitational

This past Saturday, March 2nd, Touchstone held the a great CrossFit event at Great Western Power Company. A number of local CrossFitters headed to the competition. Instructor Maximus Lewin wrote about the event.

The First Annual Touchstone CrossFit Invitational is in the bag and it was awesome! Thanks to all of the athletes, volunteers and staff who came out to make this a fun, intense event. Thanks to all of the folks who participated, especially those for whom this was the first experience with CF competition.


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