Artist of the Month: Andreina Davila

Since 2007, Davila has shown her work in numerous venues in the US, most recently participating in a Live Mural for the United Nations Summit in New York. Currently listed in the Alameda County Arts Commission Registry and the BayVan Artist Registry, she sees public art as an important part of  city growth, and hopes in time to evolve her practice to engage the community at a urban scale.


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The BotanINK studies, her latest series of botanical studies, depict the fragile balance of life and nature through dots and ink.  "I am drawn to plants and their intrinsic ability to find their way, non-stop, quiet yet steady… strong and fragile. From trees to moss, they are wild  and peaceful."

"Alive and changing, my work is evolving.
 Life is a gradual process of change. So, if paintings (frozen in time) could capture that organic process. That is what I want my art to be." Stop by Ironworks and check out Davila's work at Ironworks and help support the artist of the climbing community.


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