Monday Funday at Mission Cliffs

MonFunDay MC

What to expect:

Monday is YOUR day, dear members. After a long weekend of hosting SCS Youth Divisional Championships, we are gonna be SO psyched to see all your bright and shining faces again. Let's celebrate!

We will have BRAND NEW COMP ROUTES for you to project and crush, along with score cards so you can see how you rank next to a 12 year old girl who crushed over the weekend. And since we know you're into this kind of thing, we shall have a SPANDEX Contest. That's right. Don your tights, step into our photo booth, and let the good times roll. Prizes go to the best, the worst, and even some lucky winners in between.

So come one, come all, to the greatest rope gym in the greatest city in all the land.


We know what you're thinking... 'gee wiz Pah! Brand new comp routes, a spandex costume contest, AND a photo booth? It's doesn't get any better than that!'


Monday Funday will also be a double your pleasure - double your fun membership night! Our good friends at the Access Fund will be at the gym to sign you up for a membership with an awesome deal that also gets you an Access Fund t-shirt! Normally $50 and above memberships get a free Access Fund t-shirt.....but since we love you so much, it will be $35 tonight!

Being an Access Fund member is like raising your hand and saying, 'Yes. I love climbing' and then putting yo' money where yo' mouth is. It also happens to be a great way to join a Touchstone gym. #winwin

Access Fund Members can join any Touchstone Gym for only $25 initiation. Any day. Any gym. 'Cause that's how we roll.

So let's recap. Come to the Monday Funday event at Mission Cliffs for the fun and frivolity, and walk away with an Access Fund AND a Touchstone Climbing membership for only $60*. That's a savings of $90. And don't even get us STARTED on what you could do with an extra $90 in your pocket.

Spread the word! If you've got friends who are thinking about joining the gym - let them know today is the day to join up for less, and get more.

If you're already a Touchstone Climbing Member but not an Access Fund member - Consider signing up! A membership gets you tons of great discounts and you'll feel all warm and fuzzy by helping support the Access Fund's Mission.

Bike Parking at Mission Cliffs

If you've ever visited Mission Cliffs on a busy Thursday night, then you've seen our bike parking.. situation. When the gym was first built in 1995, bike parking wasn't taken into consideration. When we first embarked on the Mission Cliffs Expansion project, we knew that having amazing climbing terrain, killer classes, and a fantastic fitness area wouldn't be enough. We had to provide a designated bike parking area for our members and guest to safely park their rides.

We're happy to announce that after months of working with the city, our plans have been approved! We are excited to be able to move forward with our plans to build the largest outdoor bike barking area in San Francisco! "I'm so excited that we are able to provide our neighborhood with such a large public bike parking area," said Mission Cliffs manager Donna Hawkins. "It's great for our members and great for the city's bike culture."

IMG 0789

"Our many trips to city hall have paid off," said facilities manager Russell Olson. "We're excited to begin work on the outdoor structure." The bike parking area will be 108 ft long, and located directly in front of the new entrance to the gym. Not only will visitors be greeted by our bright Walltopia climbing walls, they'll see how our members got to the gym; on their bikes!


Stay tuned for more Mission Cliffs Expansion updates. Once the front desk moves to the north side of the gym, we'll begin construction on our programs room! We owe a huge thank you to our members as we work to build something truly spectacular in San Francisco. 

Mission Cliffhangers

The "Mission Cliffhangers", Mission Cliffs' teen climbing team, has been enjoying a fun-filled, successful run in this year's Northern California Youth Climbing League! The Mission Cliffhangers are a fun-loving group of twenty Touchstone members between the ages of 7 and 17 who all share boundless enthusiasm for climbing--and the YCL competition series provides the perfect venue for them to have a blast and climb their best!


The Youth Climbing League (put together by Andy Puhvel and Lisa Coleman of Yo! Basecamp) is a series of climbing competitions for kids and teens that takes place at rock gyms in and around the Bay Area--the competitions themselves are judged in two separate categories: difficulty and speed. On January 12th, Touchstone's very own Diablo Rock Gym hosted the season-opening competition, and seven excited Mission Cliffhangers traveled out to Concord to represent their home gym, climb some awesome new routes, and have a good time! Team members Nilo Batle, Audrey Duane, Elsie Karlak, Elias Lawson-Fox, Zephir Lorne, Cosmo Maddux, and Elijah Whitlam-Sandler all climbed their hearts out at this event...and they even won some prizes! In their respective age categories: Nilo placed first in both difficulty and speed, Cosmo tied in second for difficulty, Audrey placed fifth in difficulty and fourth in speed, and Elias placed fifth in difficulty! And after all the chalk dust settled, the Cliffhangers, utterly exhausted but proud of their accomplishments, made their way home.

Cosmo Nilo Elias sitting

The Mission Cliffhangers' most recent YCL competition took place on January 25th at the Rocknasium rock gym in Davis, outside Sacramento. Team members Nilo Batle, Audrey Duane, Oscar Herrera-Sobal, Elias Lawson-Fox, Lucas Lawson-Fox, Cosmo Maddux, Cate Tam, and Elijah Whitlam-Sandler all attended and made the long hour-and-a-half trek from San Francisco. The Rocknasium competition proved to be quite significantly more difficult than the previous event, with the gym's shorter walls demanding more compact, strength-based climbing from the competitors. However, the Mission Cliffhangers stuck to their guns, climbed as hard as they possibly could, and gave it their all--by the competition's end, bouldering a V0 seemed just as hard as freeing The Nose! In the end Nilo placed first in both difficulty and speed, Audrey placed second in speed, Elias placed fifth in difficulty, and Lucas placed fifth in both difficulty and speed--an all-around good showing in what was most likely the hardest YCL event in the series.


February 8th marks the Mission Cliffhangers' next YCL competition, and this time the venue will be Vertex Climbing Center in Santa Rosa. The Cliffhangers are especially looking forward to this event, as they will be cheering for their head coach, Malcolm McMahon, in the adult climbing contest immediately following the main YCL event! After this third competition, the Mission Cliffhangers have two more stops: the penultimate competition Planet Granite in Belmont on February 23rd and the series championship Pacific Edge in Santa Cruz on March 1st.

The Northern California Youth Climbing League is an awesome competition series that affords Mission Cliffs' teen team a great opportunity to climb with their teammates, explore new rock gyms and meet other climbing teams, and just have a huge amount of fun! The Mission Cliffhangers themselves are an awesome group of kids who really put a ton of effort into their climbing and seem to have endless enthusiasm and passion for the sport--and by participating in these competitions they show their desire to push their climbing to the next level, to put their skills to the test and do their best!


Climb Up at Mission Cliffs

The Touchstone Climbing gyms proudly support programs that help young people experience the benefits of rock climbing. Climb Up, a program founded last year in the San Francisco area, takes 11- 18 year old students with special needs, socioeconomic disadvantages, mental health needs, and/or learning disabilities from John O’Connell High School, Balboa High School Oake’s Children Center, City Arts and Tech High School, and other Bay Area schools to Mission Cliffs. The trips provide a concrete outlet for students that face serious obstacles in life.

fa5312 7c160a25a00e4d30808a3e2108a2eb7a.jpg srz p 260 171 75 22 0.50 1.20 0fa5312 64c1af45585643b78d34896d69050eb0.jpg srz p 255 170 75 22 0.50 1.20 0

Recently, Climb Up took a number of students to Mission Cliffs to discuss problem solving and diligence in an athletic environment. The program found great success at the gym, partly due to the staff. “The leaders and volunteers were flexible, fun, and patient as they coached our students into fearlessly conquering walls at Mission Cliffs. Students felt special with extra attention and personalized challenges (and cool gear!) said Katie a Special Education Teacher.” The staff helped the climbers have a great time.

“It was so nice! It was hard, but when you try it, it is enjoyable,” said one student. “It was very challenging, but when I made it to the top I felt so good! When I first started, it seemed impossible, but once you are in the middle, you want to keep going. When you finish the climb, you really feel like you’ve done something!” The students made significant progress at Mission Cliffs.

“The students who have come climbing are all students who struggle with their academics and those that often give up on themselves or are not confident in their skills. The climbing experience provides each of them with a unique opportunity to be presented with a challenge that they are able to overcome,” said Gorman a Special Education Teacher. “They are emotionally and physically supported by their belay partner, but they are also climbing independently. This builds confidence in their abilities, which translates back to the classroom. Each student that we have brought to Mission Cliffs has had a positive experience.”

fa5312 38779f583c51404fab1d4bedaf5ba173.jpg srz p 260 156 75 22 0.50 1.20 0fa5312 c0459dc9ee914dfc948282d0eeb6d2fe.jpg srz p 240 220 75 22 0.50 1.20 0

“Mission Cliffs has been an ideal place to engage students in what climbing has to offer: physical fitness and well-being, a sense of progress and opportunity, and a supportive community,” said Climb Up founder Mark Martin. Climb Up returns to Mission Cliffs this coming week and will continue to make bi-monthly trips with six students per session.

BUILD Towards Success

Recently 8 students from BUILD, a 4 year program for low-income high school students, went to Mission Cliffs. BUILD uses entrepreneurship to re-engage students in their education who are at-risk of dropping out and set them on the path to college.  "These students work with mentors--volunteers that Build recruits from the community--to develop and manufacture a unique product/business idea,"said Hannah Rosales, a BUILD employee. The program has served 560 students in the Bay area and over 1,000 students nationwide.  

site retreat MC 2-3

 "Effective working relationships, trust, and motivation drive our challenging and exciting work with the young people we serve. Rock climbing is an excellent way for our team to practice what we preach with our students - challenging ourselves, learning new skills, and having fun while climbing to new heights!" said Tarik Scott who works with the Oakland office team. "BUILD believes the power of student ideas in action drives youth to reach their fullest potential in school and beyond. That’s why we help our students develop their own business ideas, write business plans, pitch to funders and launch real businesses. As they reap the rewards—from keeping their profits to gaining self-confidence—they clearly see the connection between the classroom and career success."

The BUILD students will be selling their products at the 7th Annual Holiday Sales Bazaar which will take place Thursday, December 5th at the Scottish Rite Center in Oakland. They will also be back at Mission Cliffs, motivating themselves towards success.   


Open House at Mission Cliffs

For the past two years, Touchstone has been hard at work planning the expansion of San Francisco’s Mission Cliffs. After dealing with the hurdles of building permits and securing the location next to the current gym, the Mission Cliffs expansion is set to dramatically change the face to Touchstone's original gym.

1378472 10151775364344926_913858593_n

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Tim Guffin Photography at Mission Cliffs

If you've been to Mission Cliffs recently and admired the photographs adorning the walls, you'll be happy to know that they are the handy work of our very own member Tim Guffin! His work is also on the cover of Rock&Ive magazine! We caught up with Tim to find out a bit more about his background.

20130908-IMG 0766-EditI am a self-taught photographer who has a passion for traveling to wild places and exploring nature with a backpack on my shoulders and a camera in my hands. I started climbing 7 years ago at Mission Cliffs in San Francisco. I didn't even know something like that could exist in a city...I was totally blown-away and hooked right away. I improved little-by-little over the years, met some fantastic people, learned how to use my legs (drop-knees!), got my lead-card and started taking climbing trips. I could never have imagined that in my first year of photographing climbing semi-seriously (more than just butt shots of my friends) would I be published on the cover of my favorite climbing mag!

My photography background is a bit of a twisty road. While studying Ecology at University I spent a semester doing biological field-research in Costa Rica, and that's where I began to explore the craft of documentary/nature filmmaking. This led to work as a camera assistant on dozens of Hollywood films over the past 15 years. But I've always admired the still photographers, and I've continued to hone my photographic skills with frequent road trips near home as well as during climbing trips to Asia, Central and South America.

Tim has lived in and explored the cities of New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, and is now happy to call Squaw Valley home. He enjoys its closeness to the Bay Area, access to incredible mountains, alpine lakes, skiing, rock climbing and the other countless breathtaking locations Northern California has to offer.

Be sure to check out his work the next time you're at Mission Cliffs Climbing Gym in San Francisco to gain a little inspiration for your next trip! Awesome work Tim!

24 HHH with Jeff Hansen

Recently, Touchstone route setter Jeff Hansen headed to Arkansas for the infamous 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell.  He wrote a bit about his trip for the Touchstone blog.

The last weekend of September, I traveled to the sandstone cliffs of Horseshoe Canyon Ranch in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas to participate in 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell. For those who haven’t heard of 24HHH, teams of 2 attempt to climb as many routes as possible in a 24 hour period.

24 HHH 8
Up all night at the North Forty crag (Photo Credit: Lydia Ruth Freeman)

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SFSU Students at Mission Cliffs

Recently, Ben Kumli, a faculty Lecturer for San Francisco State’s Recreation, Parks and Tourism Department, brought nearly twenty students to Mission Cliffs. The students had a great experience climbing at the gym with many of them speaking about the supportive environment and the challenges they were able to overcome. "They are still talking about how awesome it was!" said Kumli.

IMG 2223

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Mission Cliffs Expansion

For the past two years, Touchstone has worked hard on expanding San Francisco’s Mission Cliff’s. After dealing with the hurdles of building permits and securing the location next to the current gym, the Mission Cliffs expansion is set to dramatically change the face to Touchstone's original gym.  The expansion plans include an enormous roped climbing expansion, new flooring in the bouldering area, a new Yoga studio, additional weight and cardio space, a new cycling room and more.

The Mission Cliffs expansion includes 5,000 feet of space dedicated to more top roping and lead climbing. Walltopia, the company whom we worked with on the design and construction of Dogpatch Boulders, plans to include two adjustable crack systems and a 50 feet cresting wave wall.


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Boyscouts Repurpose Ropes

Ever wonder what happens to the ropes after the gyms use them?  Touchstone repurposes retired ropes in various ways.

Recently, Mission Cliffs donated some ropes to a local Boy Scout Troop unit 29, based at the Buddhist Church of San Francisco. The troop has approximately 30 boys, ranging from 11-17 years old, and 5 adult leaders who help run the program.


"The core mission of the Boy Scouts is to teach character, citizenship, and fitness, and we often use the outdoors as our classroom," said Troop Leader Brian Chu. "As someone who knows the lessons that climbing can teach about courage and perseverance, I wanted to share that with the boys,  None of them have been climbing before, so it'll be an exciting experience for all."

The boy scouts use the retired ropes to practice knots and belay technique before venturing to the climbing gym.   "If it goes well, we'll plan an outdoor trip to Pinnacles or Castle Rock this summer," said Chu.

Walltopia at Mission Cliffs

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Walltopia for the expansion of Mission Cliffs. Why? Because they're rad. If you've checked out Dogpatch Boulders you know what we're talking about. The angles are killer. The look is clean. And gosh darn-it people like them.

After being so impressed with the our experience designing and building Dogpatch Boulders with Walltopia, we're excited to see what they can do with 30 more feet of vertical space. The expansion will add over 5,000 sq ft of new climbing terrain to Mission Cliffs, making it the biggest indoor climbing facility in the Bay Area.

We pored over the feedback from our fall survey, and therefore decided to included an adjustable crack, arêtes, dihedrals, and much more in the design. We're especially excited to design a steep, cresting wave wall similar to the feature at Dogpatch Boulders... but 50ft ft high! Check out some of the initial visualizations.

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 3.24.29 PM
Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 3.25.59 PM
In the coming weeks we will be finalizing our designs and beginning construction! We'll be sure to keep you up to speed on the process. Thank you for your continued patience and support! 


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