Touchstone CrossFit Invitational


First up were the women’s B/I (Beginner/Intermediate). There were some strong lifts, with Cheryl hitting a 265×2 Deadlift for the win and the best (only) lift in the 40-45 category. Nancy N. followed with a 255×2 Deadlift and the best (only) lift in the 45-50 category. Clare P was third with a solid 235×2 Deadlift.

In the Men’s B/I category, there were some ringers! Ben R. from CoCo CF tried to open with 455 but could not make the lift. He still won with a solid 425×2 Deadlift. Our own Joe P. followed with 415×2 and 3rd was taken by Evan L. of CCF with 395×2.

tcfi 6


In the advanced women’s category, Andrea Lewin took the women’s snatch event with a 110 pound snatch after a few false starts, setting the tone for the rest of the day. Nicole N. took second with 105 and Jessica B (Big JB) came in right behind them with 100 pounds.



For the advanced men there were some awesome lifts! Henry “I Did It My Way” P. of CoCo CF hit an awesome 210 pound snatch with three seconds to go on the two minute limit after four spectacular misses for the win. Ernesto L. followed with 205 and a miss at 215. Marco F. followed, showing off his sterling conditioning with a nice technical squat snatch at 195 pounds and 40 burpees in the remaining time.

For the couplet, Women’s B/I results were our own Audry, Sharon and Jacqueline. Men in that category were Demetrios (CoCo), Joe P and Evan L. (CoCo).



Advanced Couplet winners were Andrea L., Lil JB and Big JB for the ladies and Alex, Zach and Henry P (Coco) for the men.

For the final workout, a “chouplet” (Fran+chipper), Audry, Cheryl and Jill fought it out for the Women’s B/I first second and third places, with no changes in the order. Jill was a bit overwhelmed by the push-press weight, but got through every rep in a crowd-pleasing performance. for the men Joe P took first with a consistent 2nd, 2nd, 2nd perormance, followed by Demetrios and Evan of CCF.

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Finally the big guns went. Andrea took the event and the win with a 1st, 1st, 1st performance, including a new PR and club record with a 4:46 “Fran” time. Nicole was DNS as she is recently engaged and had to do some wedding tasks. Lil’ and Big JB tied for 2nd place.


For the men, there was a four-way contest with Marco and Dustin (CF Pipeworks) tied for third going in. Dustin crushed this event with a sub-10 performance including a 2:40 “Fran” time! The final order was Henry (CoCo), Alex and Dustin, all putting in solid performances.

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