TRS 6 at Ironworks

The comp is less than a week away.To prepare yourself for the comp, continue with any training that you may be doing to prepare yourself for the comp. Also visualize the competition,being in front of a large group of people, knowing that you will have to flash many of the routes. As the competition nears, taper your climbing. For many climbers, taking two days off from any physical activity will result in better climbing performance.


At the competition, stay positive. The setting can be slightly overwhelming but warming up well and climbing routes well within your capablites will provide confidence. Do not allow frustration to stop you from climbing well. Above all, stay strong, focused, and have fun. The Touchstone Rope Series are some of the best climbing competitions in the US.

  Trs 5 2

Get ready for an awesome time this Friday at Berkley Ironworks.

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