How to Rodeo Clip

 Here’s the method.

* 1. Form a bight in the lead rope a few inches longer than your outstretched arm. Position yourself facing the rock, below the first draw or if you're hanging on lead, in a solid swinging position. The lower biner must be hanging free from the rock.

* 2. There's two ways to swing and hit the draw.  The granny overswing involves looping the rope over your head and tossing the loop at the biner.  The other method involves taking a bight between your index and pink fingers and swinging the bight airplane propeller style.  Spin the rope parallel to the rock and clockwise if the biner gate is facing left and counter clockwise if the biner is facing right. Gradually add rope to make increasingly larger circles, zeroing in on the biner’s gate.

* 3. The next step involves hitting the biner.  It's easier said than done.  Make sure that you're not back clipped.  If you are and the process took you more than 5 minutes to perform, pull the rope through until you can tie in on the other side of the rope.  

Head to your nearest Touchstone gym and try this amazing technique!  It gets you automatic cool points if you do it first try!

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