John Horn Award: Sport Climbing Grant

The American Alpine Club recently announced that they are offering an award of $2500 to a young man and young woman who live in the Sierra Nevada section and are between the ages of 18 and 25.  The award is targeted for young people who share John Horn's passion for sport climbing, and who, as awardees, are willing to serve as lifelong sport climbing ambassadors to the larger community.

John Horn was a prolific bay area rock climber with ascents of the Nose of El Capitan and a strong sport climbing history at Jailhouse in Sonora, the Red in Kentucky, and other famous sport crags across the United States.

The award requires reciepents to share their adventure with AAC Sierra Nevada Section members through a slideshow or video presentation narrated by the awardee.  The reciepents must also show in this presentation how their AAC-funded sport climbing adventure has helped them to achieve other valuable goals or aspirations.  The reciepent will also serve on the award committe on the year following reciept of the award in order to perpetuate and expand the award's objectives.

This is a great opportunity for a young climber to explore the world beyond the US, to discover some of the best rock in the world, and to have an amazing time.  For more information see the award page.

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