Look Good Climb Good

:  After learning how to put on climbing shoes, every climber learns the adage "Look Good Climb Good."  Being attractive on the wall is a requirement and the nature of the sport mutates every ugly duckling into a swan. Big walls, sport, ice, trad, bouldering, mountaineering, - every style of climbing involves serious athleticism.  Climbers as a group are lean, strong and physically fit.  Climbers have amazing backs, abs and arms.  Though at times, because of really strong forearms and fingers, holding hands can be really intense. Dating a climber guarantees a good looking partner.


  Spain, Yosemite, Patagonia, Thailand, Rocklands- every climber wants to go on exciting trips.  Climbers are an adventurous bunch and that means traveling across the world, the nation, the state to climbing destinations.  Touchstone climbers have 8 different gyms to choose from but there are thousands of different places to climb in California.  Dating a climber means that dates double as climbing trips.  Vacations become sport climbing trips to Greece and spring break with the wife and kids happens in Font.  Dating a climber means lots of exciting traveling.


A Partner in Crime

- Dating a climber means having an easily accessible partner, often one who will put up with 4 am alpine starts to the sport crag, heinous multi hour hanging belays and grueling 16 pad sherpa missions because they love you. Having a partner in crime also means sharing rewards. Buying a new rack for your boyfriend doubles as a gift for you.  That brand new cam works just as well on your leads as it does on his.  The same applies for ropes, boulder pads and other gear.  Climbers have strong hands for pre or post send massages. They'll understand why you have to hold your hands outside of the hot tub. They see your white van as a vaction home instead of as a creepy van in the park. Most importantly, dating a climber means they get your obsession.

Still unconvinced? Long time climber, Chris Weidner recently wrote a bit about why climbers make bad boyfriends/girlfriends for the Daily Camera.  Weidner detailed why it's bad to date a climber citing the fact that climber dudes flake when conditions are good, that they freak out over their weight and they generally act like filthy caveman.  Ultimately though, Weidner married a fellow climber and spends much of his time climbing with her.  

So next time you're out climbing and see an attractive climber, just imagine romantic picnics out of the back of a Subaru.  That climber boy will love your calloused hands and that climber girl will love having a belay slave! 




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